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Bias Beauty Stars

Be prepared to be surprised and amazed at the clever little trick we will teach you to make these stars. This wallhanging finishes at 35" x 35" but can easily be made larger. This was originally a mystery.  Click here to see more pictures of this quilt. Lots of full colored diagrams and detailed explanations in this pattern. Click on the thumbnail picture to see this quilt up close.

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Bias Beauty Star Small Quilt

Linda's Variation
Bias Beauty Star Small Quilt

Carol put hers on point to make it larger
Bias Beauty Star Small Quilt

Tamara's Halloween Version
Bias Beauty Star Small Quilt

More unique layouts from Elaine and Josie
Bias Beauty Star Small Quilt

and a tablerunner from Maryann and Denise

This was our 2006 Mystery. Here are some pictures that were sent to us. Click on the thumbnail to see them up close.

 jaleena.jpg (32718 bytes)

Here is Jaleena's!

dianefink.jpg (35628 bytes)

Here is one Diane made!

joreid.jpg (22140 bytes)

Here is Jo's!

maris.jpg (56996 bytes)

Here is Mari's.  She changed things around a bit and added a border.

cindyjones.gif (214545 bytes)

From Cindy

donnaolson.jpg (70657 bytes)

Donna made this for valentines day

sheelah.jpg (200383 bytes)

Sheelah's garden frogs

Margaret.jpg (197109 bytes)

I like Margarets helper!

Lindalenn.jpg (46378 bytes)

Linda plans to add appliques to the center

phyllisyelle.jpg (64460 bytes)

From Phyllis

blue_chrysanthemum.jpg (39344 bytes)

Lou Ann did *both* of these.  I think her sewing machine must be smokin'

becca.JPG (18816 bytes)

Becca made this for her little boy who loves trucks.

ninathoren.com_mystery.JPG (83000 bytes)

Nina added a 5" border, making this 41" square.   

inesfay.jpg (216385 bytes)

From Ines who says it took her longer to figure out how to take the picture with her camera than to make the quilt:-))

taratk.jpg (126189 bytes)

Tara plans to add more borders and give this as a baby gift

Maria.jpg (20497 bytes)

Maria' grandson Dominic is her official 

marti.jpg (131434 bytes)


darleena.jpg (34988 bytes)

Darleena plans to add another border

jackie2.jpg (75624 bytes)

Jackies second quilt with an additional border

karen.jpg (58092 bytes)


Quilts_095.jpg (145131 bytes)



stevie.jpg (52127 bytes)

The yellow border on Stevies quilt has rabbits jumping out of a hat, so she is calling it "Magic New Year"

Five_Hour_Mystery_Holiday_Table_Runner.JPG (41605 bytes)

Linda does it again!  She made this holiday table runner

Diane.jpg (32899 bytes)



Theresa's quilt is being inspected by her cat, Boo.

Carol.jpg (41171 bytes)

Carol's version



Maryn.jpg (110949 bytes)


veronica.jpg (151494 bytes)

Veronica calls this "WAY Too Many Frogs Looking For WAY Too Few Stars!"

pepper.jpg (32584 bytes)


Gracewi.jpg (69888 bytes)

Grace finished hers already!


Veronica's Mystery Roosters!



kim.jpg (416671 bytes)


annette.jpg (67952 bytes)

Here is Annettes! (Click on the thumbnail to see what happens with the directional fabric) 

Teresa.jpg (26906 bytes)


carla.jpg (25622 bytes)

Carla only interrupted her quilt making session long enough to take her sister to the hospital for pneumonia! (She is OK now)

patsy.jpg (57637 bytes)


Judy.jpg (23200 bytes)


Janice.jpg (32522 bytes)


ruthie.jpg (225821 bytes)

Ruthie plans to add more borders to make a baby quilt

Sharon.jpg (10135 bytes)

Sharon's quilt

Christmas_top.jpg (52915 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail to see this up close

kimnutter.jpg (132837 bytes)



New_Year_Mystery.jpg (71777 bytes)

/Here is Becky's.  She cut all the measurements in half to make a miniature and plans to continue making blocks./