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Midnight Dreams

Create this perfectly pieced heirloom in just 12 steps! This Block of the Month style quilt is designed to help you perfect your piecing skills. The blocks start out simple and get progressively more complicated as you build on the skills learned in the previous block. If you are just learning to piece quilts, or want a reference book that will help you perfect your skills, this is the book for you!

Midnight Dreams Learn to Quilt Notebook 

The 38 page notebook included is ideal for beginners. Chapters include:

  • Choosing Your Tools;
  • Choosing Your Fabric (including a clever trick for choosing colors);
  • How to Rotary Cut Strips;
  • Copyright;
  • Perfect Borders;
  • Completing the Quilt Top;
  • Adding a Sleeve to your Finished Quilt and
  • Adding a Label to your Finished Quilt.

The lessons are divided into 12 months. Each month gives you detailed directions for a block which will clearly explain and give you practice in basic techniques. No, you don’t have to wait a month to work on the next block:-D

Image of a Video CameraHave some experience but want to improve your skills? This pattern will give you practice in rotary cutting, piecing, template and paper piecing. Many of the chapters also have a link to an explanatory video. When you are done you will be an experienced piecer with a beautiful 90" x 95" top ready for quilting. You CAN make this quilt!

This pattern is in PDF formatAvailable by instant download for $14.95.  Add to Cart

Do you ever feel that quilters speak a secret language? Have no fear, this book will explain both the terms AND the techniques! You will learn:

  • How (and why) to sew a perfect 1/4" seam
  • How (and why) to determine the straight of grain of a fabric
  • What is the selvedge and why you shouldn’t use it
  • Tips for accurate rotary cutting
  • Saving fabric by cutting two different sized blocks from one strip of fabric
  • Saving time by chain stitching
  • Nesting a seam to keep intersections sharp
  • Twirling a seam to reduce bulk
  • Pressing for success
  • Setting a block on point,
  • including setting triangle formulas
  • How to square up a block
  • Making half-square-triangle and quarter-square triangle blocks
  • Making ray blocks using a Tri-Recs ruler.
  • Two different methods of making flying geese blocks
  • How to miter a seam
  • Basic foundation paper piecing
  • Basic template piecing
  • Avoiding borders that wave

Every baffling term will be completely explained. When you are done, you will be able to tech-talk with the most experienced quilter you know! Expect to learn terms like:

  • Midnight Dreams Alternate ColorwayBearding
  • Finished and unfinished size
  • Primary and Secondary Design
  • Dog ears and bunny ears
  • WOF
  • Cross Cut and Sub Cut
  • Bias Edges
  • Easing

Save your money for fabric! Before investing in any tools, read the chapters on:

  • The Tools Every Quilter Should Have
  • How to choose tools (including a brand comparison)
  • How to choose good quality quilt fabric including a neat little trick for color

Midnight Dreams Learn to Quilt Block of the MonthSave even more money!  This book is available as an Instant Download! No need to pay shipping, just download it into your computer, Ipad or other e-reader and you are ready to go!

There are five color groups for this quilt: two darks, one medium, a light and a light background. Choose colors and prints that you truly enjoy. You will be working with these fabrics for a long time, and using the quilt for a long time after that.

You don’t have to use the colors shown in the directions! Those colors are only there to help you know what to cut and how to put it together. If you really aren’t sure what colors and fabrics to use, read our article on Choosing the Fabrics and Colors that will Make Your Quilt Sing

It’s important to remember one thing as you work through these lessons: as long as you measure, cut and sew accurately, you can do ANYTHING. Take your time and expect to make mistakes here and there. It’s all part of the learning process. Learning by doing will reinforce you skills so they will last a lifetime.

This pattern is in PDF formatAvailable by instant download for $14.95.  Add to Cart