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Tumbleweed 2012 Mystery Quilt

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Tumbleweed Quilt

Every year, I offer a mystery on New Years Day that teaches a new technique or offers a challenge.  This years mystery quilt is called Tumbleweeds and is a great stash buster.  The picture above shows tester JoAnn hand sewing the binding on her quilt. 

Tumbleweeds will toss and turn as they dance across the prairie in this charming lap quilt (55" x 55") made from strips.  The fabric requirements are:

  • (2) 2” wide x WOF strips from 12 different fabrics, totaling 24 strips. Try to keep the value in the medium to dark range.
  • 1 /3 yd accent color with a light value
  • 2/3 yd Background (light value)
  • 1 1/2 yd Border (dark value, or something with all the colors of the strips in it.)

Nice to have, but not required:

  • a Shape Cut ruler to cut strips
  • a 45 degree angle ruler like a Cozy Strip Tube Ruler.  If you don't have one, make a template by cutting a 7" square in half on the diagonal.
  • a 6-1/2” square ruler
  • a way to label your blocks - labels or pins  (OK, this might be required. The cutting and sewing is easy, but the blocks fit together like a puzzle, so it is best to label them)

These clues are in PDF format.  If you don't have Adobe on your computer - or are having trouble reading the PDF - try downloading an Adobe update.  Click on the banner to the right.

Click here for the First Clue.

Click here for the Second Clue Please note: the triangles came out a bit distorted in the PDF. They are 45 degree triangles, which is why I recommended the Strip Tube Ruler.

Clue One and Two are actually the hardest clues.  If you have gotten this far, you are flying!

Click here for Clue Three

Click here for Clue Four

Click here for Clue Five

Click here for Clue Six

Send me your pictures!

Tumbleweed Quilt

This is the quilt that JoAnn is working on in the picture above.

 Jan Cornwell from  Chattanooga TN used a blue background.  Doesn't it just glow?

Tumbleweed Quilt

Lissa H used warm colors.

Tumbleweed Quilt

Karen used all her scraps in the pieced border

Tumbleweed Quilt

Tester Ron used a Braided border.

Tumbleweed Quilt

Susan H changed the outer borders

Tumbleweed Quilt

This is Janets Quilt in progress

Tumbleweed Quilt

That red makes Lan's quilt quite dramatic.

Tumbleweed Quilt

Laura said she will do this quit again (a great compliment!)

Sherries Tumbleweed Quilt

Another unique border from Sherrie

Margies Quilt

Margie hasn't decided on a border yet.

Carol's Quilt

Carol made good use of a border fabric.

Jills Tumbleweed Quilt

Jill is going to add a border

Birdies Tumbleweed Quilt


Lisa Tumbleweed Quilt


Leonore from south central Wisconsin tells us the quilt to the right started with a chartreuse shirt that she got from a thrift store just before Christmas. It literally shouted at her  - "take me home, I want to play with blue!!!"

Then she found this mystery, which called for a small amount of focus fabric, and knew this was where that shirt needed to be used!

She calls this quilt "Eye of the Storm".

Tumbleweed Mystery Quilt

click on the picture thumbnail
to see this up close

Carol's Tumbleweed Quilt

Carol's Tumbleweed Quilt

made larger

Betty from BC Canada used 6 Kaffe Fassett fabrics that she had been saving for a while to make the top to the right.  She added 6 tone on tones, an accent of light blue & a light green background fabric.

And then she made the quilt longer!  She added 2 rows which gave it a great look. For the border, she used some of the end bits to create a few 4.5" blocks turned on point which made them 6" so the outside border is 6". the total quilt size came out to 59 x 70".

Tumbleweed Mystery Quilt Tumbleweed Mystery Quilt

From Irene S

Quilt Picture

From Rosie K



Did you make this quilt? Please send me a picture, and I will add it here.

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