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Here are pictures that customers chose to share with us.  We are always delighted when that happens!  Please feel free to look through these gallery pages.

Click on the thumbnails to see these quilts up close.

marie-france.JPG (62606 bytes)

Marie sent us a picture of her quilt all the way from France!

mary-JL.jpg (176927 bytes)

Mary's Jacobs Ladder

Proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to Patchwork Prayers to support Brain Cancer Research.

Chickens & Noodles - click on the picture to order the pattern.  Benefits The Lily Fund, which supports research into pediatric low-grade glioma, a type of brain cancer. 

mary-ann-windows.jpg (47695 bytes)

Mary Ann's Attic Windows Quilt

Three Blackbird Pies!


independence-day.jpg (51141 bytes)

One of our Free Quilt Patterns made it to the side of a barn in Colorado!

7 1/2 wk old Ella finally goes home from the hospital!

The center of Karen's bargello quilt.  She took her inspiration from postcards of Otsego lake.

Here is the almost finished quilt!

Brain Waves

1 wk old Mackenzie

her much older cousin (by two weeks:-))

 Kestria.JPG (70516 bytes)

Dotties Kestria Quilt, all finished!

Sherry's Four Patch Posies

Sherry's paper pieced label



Linda's Pipe Dreams


Karen's Call Crossing

Mary's Dance Steps

Kris's Dance Steps

Patsy's bargello as seen from across the room

JoAnns Slide Show


Look at the border Celia added to her Catercorner quilt!

CeCe's Years to Come

Marcy's Bear Paw

Mary and her husbands birthday present.

Susan numbered her pins (upper right hand corner - click on the picture thumbnail to see it) to get her blocks in the right order.  Isn't that clever!

Mary Ann sent us this picture of her pink Yellow Brick Road

Dueling Catercorner quilts.  The one on the left belongs to Susan, the one on the right belongs to Karen B.

Bindy brought her Years to Come in to see us!

Here is Donna's.  The grid fabric she chose as a light really adds a lot of life to this pattern.

kathyd.jpg (147047 bytes)

Kathy made this quilt with a Block Party Studios Cat Panel

boquet-and-butterflies-quilt.jpg (277692 bytes)

Judy's Bouquet and Butterflies quilt

Ginny and her No Whining table runner, made for her daughters wedding


Betsy and her Cook Your Goose

mystery-quilts.jpg (107623 bytes)

Variations of the Summer and Winter pattern made by Elaine (left) and Josie.

josie-table.jpg (82092 bytes)

Josie brought this coffee table to class at a retreat.  Isn't that a clever idea?

  juanita-and-cc.jpg (437511 bytes)

Juanita (left) and CeCe (right) show their Four Season's variation.  Both are a WIP


Mel's Gentle Grace quilt. She put a 3D square in the center.

threepp.jpg (97372 bytes)

Cathy, Sherry and Sandy after a paper pieced quilt label class. 


Noreens quilt for her granddaughter

shop-threehours.jpg (81737 bytes)

Carols 3 hour mystery quilt at a show

karenscookyourgoose.jpg (135910 bytes)

Karen's Cook Your Goose

wild-friends.jpg (193439 bytes)

Wild Friends

quiltbusdujour.jpg (80560 bytes)

Quiltbus du jour - our rental car.  What does that sign say?

weddingquilt.jpg (370644 bytes)

Mark and Lisa's wedding quilt made from the English Baskets pattern

tamara.jpg (325306 bytes)

Tamara will be teaching this Hot and Cold Star-tacular Quilt

millie.jpg (86889 bytes)

This is Millies first quilt!

  gossamer-grace.jpg (405690 bytes)

Our Gossamer Grace Sample made from the Gossamer Petals line

noreen.jpg (92190 bytes)

Isn't this a great setting for fussy cut blocks?

suejames.jpg (339677 bytes)

This quilt made from the Stacked Posies pattern just uses one fabric for the blocks!

Betsys.jpg (95754 bytes)

We had to get two people to help us hold up Betsy's scrap quilt. 

karenzip.jpg (150740 bytes)

Karen's Zip Around The World

theresaswine.jpg (196040 bytes)

This amazing piece was made by Theresa

NoreenMHD.jpg (129473 bytes)

Noreen's Minnesota Hot Dish

LorrainesSJ.jpg (155835 bytes)

Lorraine's Sentimental Journey

beg1.jpg (196770 bytes)

Believe it or not, this is the FIRST project we worked on in Beginner Boot Camp!

rueyfirst.jpg (85137 bytes)

Ruey's first quilt, do you believe it?!?!

flyingstarsample.jpg (293156 bytes)

Flying Star table runners

CCpyramid.jpg (71695 bytes)

Hazel and CC the day after the Pyramid Lake retreat

helenepyramid.jpg (88988 bytes)
Helene at the Pyramid Lake retreat
leeann.jpg (131961 bytes)

LeAnns Exuberance Quilt

freeclass.jpg (108558 bytes)

Andrea and Hazel show off their flying stars

bevflowers.jpg (41647 bytes)

Bev is hiding behind her Big Flower quilt


Here she is!

jeanpyramid.jpg (227015 bytes)
Jean at the Pyramid Lake retreat
Karen's Crazy Eight Quilt

This is Karen's Crazy Eight quilt for a red hatter. 

KMquilt.jpg (72131 bytes)

Kay continues to stun us with her masterpieces. 

march2106_001.jpg (88146 bytes)

Made from a Canyon Creek pattern

rpiquilt.jpg (819365 bytes)

Rebecca made this photo quilt for her son using his school colors.  


rpiquiltlabel.jpg (99219 bytes)

And she put a label on it, too! 

bargello.jpg (170163 bytes)

Hmmm, we definitely have to talk Patsy into teaching a class for us!

labelledbargello.jpg (508747 bytes)

click on the thumbnail to see how this quilter labeled all her rows to keep them straight.


march2106_007.jpg (75601 bytes)

Here is the finished product!


kaysquilt.jpg (73971 bytes)

Kays quilt top

kaysfinishedquilt.jpg (121827 bytes)

and here is her finished quilt

qbquilt.jpg (174006 bytes) shcabin.jpg (111508 bytes)

Sherry shows off her log cabin quilt

MHD.jpg (65589 bytes)

and her Minnesota Hot Dish

jan.jpg (52374 bytes)

Jan made this from a kit. 

Picture_007.jpg (205634 bytes)

Wow, Joyce!

cheese.jpg (268829 bytes)

Sherry made this quilt from the Cheese and Crackers pattern.

susancc.jpg (103489 bytes)

Susan made hers from batiks.  If you would like to make one, too, check out our kits page.

SnowJan4_002.jpg (245149 bytes)

Andrea is showing us her Valor quilt using the Butterfly Stars pattern

A Trip to Cape Cod during the Cranberry Harvest

A Cranberry Vine. Cranberries are like pachysandra - they grow by sending out runners. Some cranberries are dry picked. These are the whole cranberries you buy in bags.

This is a picture of a cranberry bog which has been flooded with water for wet picking.  The harvester is beating the water to release the berries from the vine.  They float to the top and are vacuumed into a truck.  This video shows that process.

Here's the truck being raised so it can dump its load of berries. Here is a video of that amazing process.

The berries go into a hopper for cleaning and sorting.

Vines and trash are removed outside.  Frogs and turtles that were accidentally caught are rescued and released.

The berries are on their way in to the plant to be cleaned and sorted by size and weight.


The sorting process inside the plant.

A beautiful grandbaby!  (Has nothing to do with cranberries, I just wanted to brag.) 10/2008

Click on this picture thumbnail to see the Monday night ladies up close


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