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Are you having problems downloading your quilt pattern? Help is on the way! Here are some troubleshooting ideas:

  • First, make sure the order went through.  If there was a problem with paypal or some other glitch, it may not have worked.  After your payment is made, you should be shown a payment confirmation screen with a link to access the download page.  If you didn't get this screen, but are sure the payment went through, check your email. An email is sent to instantly to the email address you used during checkout with the location of the download page.  If you don't have access to your email, or you think you may have given an incorrect email address, you can look up your order here:
  • If you found the link but still don't think your pattern was downloaded, double check anyway.  These downloads are small and can go really fast. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can hold the CNTRL button down, then type the letter J.  That will show you all your recent downloads.  (You can also click on the Tools button, then choose "see recent downloads".)
  • Theoretically, the pattern should have downloaded into your download folder, but it is possible to accidentally change this by clicking on "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that pops up on your computer. Search your hard drive for the name of the pattern. Part of the name might be better, in case you don't get it exactly right. Our patterns are all in PDF form, so you can always search for "*.PDF" (without the quotes.) The * is a wild card, it will find all the PDF files on your hard drive.
  • If you are sure you don't already have the pattern, try downloading it again using a different browser.  For example, if you were using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome.
  • If that doesn't work, you can request a replacement.  Your original email confirmation will have a link to do this automatically as long as the link hasn't expired.  The link expires when there are too many attempts at downloading, or attempts from two or more computers.  If you do have an expired link, fill out the form at Payloadz.  Someone will review it and send you a new link, usually within a day.
  • Help for download problemsIf you are using Internet Explorer and get an error message like: “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded”, it means your security settings are too high.  You can change them temporarily by clicking on Tools in the upper left hand corner of your browser.  Click on Internet options, the Security tab, then Custom Level.  Scroll down and then choose "allow downloads" in the option box that opens up. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see this screen up close.  To keep those options permanently, you will need to restart your computer.
  • If all else fails, send an email to the address below. If your mail client is not configured to open when you click on an email link, you may need to cut and paste the address into an email.  Or just retype it:-))  We can send you the download by email, or refund your money, whatever is your preference.