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This question was posed to members of the shop fans on Facebook  last July.  Here are some of their answers.

  • great teacher (Jo W)
  • Stack of Fabric (Stephanie A)
  • work in progress, UFO"s, lots of fabrics and wheels turning. (Brenda A)
  • closet full of works in progress! (Marilyn M)
  • Fascination with fabric, shapes and color! (Cindy C)
  • Another piece of history created (Christine M)
  • lot of friends and family wrapped in quilts! (Barbara R)
  • love of fabric and colors (Allyn M)
  • forgiving spouse for his/her pocketbook! (Jane B )
  • Wow, I hadn't thought of ONE of these! I guess I should add Creative Mind.. (Kris)
  • fantastic spouse! (Jean N)
  • love of art (Joy P)
  • need to express artistic dreams (Jean L)
  • ‎...patient family rolling their eyes... :D (Janne P)
  • All of the above! (Eugenia S)
  • a good husband that will stop at quilt shops when you are on vacation! (Dianne M)
  • garden of scraps (Debi M)
  • a giving, sharing person. either to share "how to" of quilting, the LOVE of quilting, sharing of books, rulers, fabric. (Kathy R)
  • A very smart person... :)  (Leah B)
  • A husband demanding back the credit cards.... (Karen K)
  • Messy sewing room! The other day I found myself covered with threads and tiny bits of fabric! It was on me the floor the chair and the dog! I got so caught up finishing our Color Me Musical Quilt that I was not paying attention to anything else! (Cindy M)
  • A loving husband will go with you to a quilt shop knowing it could take forever in his time frame. (Andrea D)
  • lot of grandchildren and even some children that love your quilts!! (Carol W)
  • A husband Who will take you to any quilt shop near or far- and family and friends who love the quilts you make for them!! (Gloria A)
  • a horse looking at me through the window! (Judy T)
  • Friends sharing the love of quilting with each other. (Deborah A)
  • stash that always needs to be bigger! (Robbie S)
  • new quilt book that you now need fabric to make another quilt (Sandy B)
  • my parrot Cookie ridiculing my work, very loudly !  (Connie L)
  • patient family (Brenda G)
  • cat waiting to sit on the fabric.  (Brenda J)
  • Man that doesn't know how much is in the checkbook. Or that knows how to find out.  (Phyllis M)
  • Ton of housework/yardwork waiting to be done. Not to mention hungry cats.  (Kathy W)
  • husband with holes in his shirt!!  (Joy D)
  • good bank roll!  (Katherine A)
  • greater quilt:) HA!!  (Kristine P)
  • VERY tolerant husband!!  (Ruth S)
  • a great fabric store with more fabric  (Connie H)
  • Great sewing machine or a great set of hands  (Nancy L)
  • ..line of people waiting for their quilt. (Danielle F)
  • ‎.........hungry fanily (Barbara H)
  • huge stash! (Holly B)
  • room full of colorful fabric, cutters & mats and most of all happiness  (Sharon W)
  • lot of people who are cozy and warm. (Joy D)
  • a happy and content person (Kathy N)
  • lot of patience!  (Valerie R
  • an unrelenting muse of inspiration. (Janet J)
  • There is a fabric stash. (Jeri L)
  • great backing! (Barbara C)
  • good rotary cutter. (Shirley D)
  • understanding husband (Terry H)
  • fabric to be bought! (Kate M)
  • take out menu, dust bunnies (in my case woodchucks) and never enough fabric!!  (Jane M)
  • Bunch of thread where you clipped it and it sticks to your clothes:)  (Tracy C)
  • seam ripper.  (Carolyn Y)
  • An awesome husband who takes me to quilt shows, buys me the latest Bernina and quilt frame helps me find quilt shops and never even asked what the Accuquilt Go was that i came home from my Bernina guide class!  (Rose L)
  • huge stash of fabric! (Connie G)
  • spending hours in the fabric section ,just looking and imagining what you could do with each bolt of fabric !!!!  (Maria Z)
  • huge pile of fabric!!!....and in front or her and beside her and under the bed and behind the door..... (Linda S)
  • whole stash of fabric! (Jennie K)
  • patient husband! (Gabrielle S)

Have another tip you would like included? Send it me, and I will add it here. 

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