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Fabric Postcards
4 x 6 Works of Art

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Have you made your own postcards yet? It's a super way to express your creativity and, yes, they can be mailed! Get out your scraps, specialty fabrics and embellishments and challenge yourself to explore new techniques in creating 4" x 6" works of art. Then join a swap and prepare to be amazed at the appliquéd, beaded, embossed, embroidered, painted, pieced, quilted, stitched, thread painted and just plain embellished cards you receive in the mail.

Yes, these postcards can be mailed as long as they are regulation size (4" x 6"), no more than 1/8" thick and have the word postcard on the back at the top. Postage is generally 39 cents in the USA, 55 cents for Canada and Mexico and 75 cents for overseas.  Use the self-stick on kind of stamps as they adhere to fabric better, and request hand cancellation.

To make a postcard, you start with something firm, like Timtex, Peltex, Fast2Fuse regular weight or Sew2Fuse. You can write the address on the undecorated side of this with a Pigma Pen. If you would prefer, you can also fuse muslin to the undecorated side and write on that. Use Steam a seam II for fusing if you are using Timtex. Fast2Fuse and Sew2Fuse already have the fusing in it. Peltex #71 is fusible on one side. Peltex #72 is fusible on both sides.

The decorated side is the most fun, of course. First, create the background directly on the middle layer by fusing your background fabric to it. This can be hand-dyed fabric, a specialty fabric like velvet or wool, or just muslin depending on what you plan to do with it. If you are in a swap, don't cut your cards apart first - you can create the background on one large piece and then cut it apart. After you have cut your postcards into the 4" x 6" size, then you can embellish to your hearts content. When you are done, finish the edges of your postcards using satin stitch, zig-zag or blanket stitch.

The postcards you create are actually miniature works of art. Let your imagination go!  Consider using • applique • fabric paint or crayons • small sequins • couched yarn • seed beads • feathers • fibers like angelina • stamps • specialty threads • photo transfers (change the hue in Irfanview) • copper or silver foil • confetti held in by tulle or any other embellishments that come to mind.  Visit the Art to Mail Gallery for inspiration.

Would you like to join a swap? There is a group at  Be sure to check out their photos for inspiration, too.

P. S. Someone sent me a link to this page which has great illustrated instructions.   

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