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Are you a Fabriholic?

There might be help for you!

This is a self test to determine if you are truly addicted to fabric or just a small time collector.

by Fabric Collectors Anonymous

Check all that apply.

____You subscribe to two or more fabric related magazines. (Yes, quilting magazines count.)

____Every bed in the house has fabric stored underneath it.

____You tell the salespeople at the fabric store to mind their own business when they ask you what you are planning to make with your fabric purchase.

____The trunk of your car has a least one sack of fabric that you are waiting to bring in when no one is looking.

____You could make outfits for the entire cast of a large Broadway musical with fabric you have already purchased.

____You buy fabric when it is on sale even though you have no idea what you will use it for.

____You buy fabric when it is on sale even when you don't really like the fabric.

____You don't have any fabric in THAT color.

____When you go to quilt shows you find at least one fabric in each quilt that you have in your collection.

____Even when you have no money to buy fabric, you are compelled to go to fabric stores just to touch and smell it.

____You have a 6 tier chrome shelving unit, filled with fabric, which serves as added insulation from the cold weather.

____You would rather shop for fabric than take a cruise to the Bahamas. (Unless there were fabric stores available on the boat of course.)

____You feel sewing with enthusiasm is good therapy. No need for antidepressant medication.

If you checked at least two of these questions you are a borderline fabriholic. If you checked at least four you are a member in good standing. If you checked five or more you are my kind of person and worthy of the title "Fabric Queen," or "Fabric King," as the case may be. (Not all fabric collectors are women, you know!)

Top Ten Fabriholic Excuses

10. You don't smoke, drink or gamble and this is your only vice. (You add a year to your life with every new project that you purchase fabric for.)

9. Your house might get termites someday and you need enough fabric to make the tent to cover it .

8. You can make three skirts for less than it would cost to buy one ready made. (Of course you never actually make the skirts, but they don't need to know that.)

7. You plan to use the fabric for wallpaper when you redecorate.

6. You are working with David Copperfield on his next magic trick in which he will attempt to make Cleveland disappear.

5. You make a lot of donation quilts. You have volunteered to make sleep mats for every kindergarten student in the state.

4. You are a test site for a major fabric manufacturer to determine how long fabric can be left in a plastic sack before it disintegrates.

3. You are writing a book titled "One Thousand Years of Fabric," and need several samples of fabric for each year.

2. You had stockpiled fabric in preparation for Y2K and now you are stuck with it. Besides, there may come a time when you can't afford it.


It was on sale!!!!!!!!

Have another test method to offer? Send it me, and I will add it here. 

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